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it's very simple

Collect and analyze data from

Collect eBay ads
Collect Amazon products
Save important articles
Collect Instagram Profiles Data

new markets

Scrap for discovers market and analysts

Get data to explore and research new markets.
You can find new mono-products or demand that others can't see.
You can find purchase information and product reviews.

Keep track of competitor's prices
Flexible flow connection to CRM or your solutions
Discover new markets


Scrap for filling your base

You can easily import the collected data to your sites, base or CRM.

Our extensions will help you to fill your CRM base. Or, for example, to add an assortment of products to Shopify or Woocommerce via API.

You can collect data for processing using file formats, such as CSV, XML, and Excel. Or set your own structure.

Populate the database on the way. For example in MySQL, MariaDB. This feature also allows you to input directly into a CMS database such as WordPress.


search engine optimization

Scrap for SEO marketing

You can collect and analyze keywords and search results with any search engine. Build your strategy to attract better traffic.

Collect search keys of competitors
Monitor the position of your site by search results

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Frequently Asked Question


We offer project settings for the popular Scraping software. After purchasing, you just need to run it in the scraper environment. The data collection principles have already been adjusted for you.

We specialize in the Datacol program. So far, our store has settings for this program. We will add to this list in the future.

We are building collection scenarios for desktop Software.

Yes, within 14 days you can request money back
Text us in chat widget or contact with this form.
View our settings catalog or order a custom scraping tool.

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